Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Barn Ceiling Complete

Hubby and I have been married for 19 1/2 years.
We continue to put our marriage to the test with some projects.
Painting the cottage in the spring was a challenge and this weekend we painted the small barn ceiling.

This project sucked.

We started by insulating the ceiling.

Then installed a tongue & groove ceiling.

It looked and smelled fabulous!  But the fresh wood didn't work with all the old wood, 
so we decided to paint it.

We found a few 5-gallon buckets of barn paint in the basement and decided to give it a try.

We cleared out most of the contents of the barn.

Then we covered the floors.
We figured it would take 2 coats and we would be done.
We would work together, while watching college football.

That's when things started to suck.

All I could find on tv was Good Times.  In fact it was a Good Times Marathon.
The paint we planned to use was runny and dripped, so we had to tape off.
Then, the wonderful grooves in the wood, required us to brush and roll.
It sucked.

After 15 minutes I was done.  I mentally checked out and started whining like a 5 year old.
Then got slap happy and rolled paint right over Hubby's head, all over his hair.

That didn't go over well.

We somehow managed to do half of the ceiling without killing each other.

It looks fantastic!

Sunday Hubby worked alone and finished the other side.  
Needless to say, we both think it looks perfect with one coat!

Now I am focused on this barn and Hubby has checked out!
Filling it with treasures, projects and fun finds for the sale.
We are still married.  We will take a break from these sucky projects and have some fun this week.



Monday, September 22, 2014

Barn Sale Week

How is it Monday already?

I'm shifting gears and Melody & I are focusing on filling the barn with lots of goodies!

Great finds and fabulous deals!

See you Thursday!



Friday, September 19, 2014

Getting some Rest

The weekend is here!  We have one soccer game.  Not 8 like previous weekends.

What will we do with all our free time?  

For starters, we will finish some projects in our home.  
This is one that came out of no where.  You see I got sick a few weeks ago with a sinus infection.  I swore I would go rest in bed for a bit.
I got all comfy, under the covers and started looking around our bedroom.

Hmmm, that is the ugliest fireplace ever.  Inside is stuff I placed there when we moved in!  Holy crap, that is baaaad.

So downstairs I went, grabbed a mantel I had found when I was pickin' and Hubby figured out how to improve the situation.

The next night, while trying to rest, I decided it needed to be painted.  Maybe I'll paint the tile too.

Clearly, I wasn't going to get any rest in the bedroom, so I moved to the guest room.

If the master bedroom was bad, the guest room was even worse.  While resting, I came up with a theme and some goodies to go in that room as well.

Sorry no photos - I was trying to rest.

So on our wonderful weekend off, we will be bouncing from the bedroom, guest room, Big Barn to set u for the sale and the small barn to paint.

Perhaps then I will get some rest!

Enjoy the weekend!  We are open today & Saturday 10:00-3:00, some see me!



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Page Pumpkins

Hi All,

We had a great Pinterest Party last night.  These self proclaimed, non-crafters, sure rocked it out!

This great group used different books to create pumpkins for their home.  Burlap leaves and vines completed the look.

They really were crafty, they just needed a bit of guidance from our Kathy!

Our October Pinterest Party schedule will be out this week!

In the meantime, there is lots of Fall throughout the shoppe.

OPEN 10:00 - 3:00.



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Passion

I love painting furniture.  I love giving a "good" piece of furniture a new life.
I love seeing beyond the expected.

Since opening the shoppe, 15 months ago, I have learned that "smalls" are necessary.  New items are needed and gift items are important to our shoppers.

While we have adjusted our inventory as we continue to grow, my true love is furniture.
Restyling a piece is a rewarding and a creative outlet that I crave.

I have made the time to paint many new items that will be in their forever home shortly.
(Lots of custom work.)
It was just what I needed to do, to relax.

A few new cuties will also be in the shoppe.

 Today 10-3
6:00-8:00 during our Pinterest Party.

Hope to see you soon!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Barn Sale

All of this...

Has lead us to this...

And because you have supported us over the years, we have created this...

Hope you'll join us!



Monday, September 15, 2014

Antique Blue Dresser

I have so much to share this week, I am not sure where to start!  We have a lot happening both at the shoppe and at our place.

Let's jump start the week with a restyled piece of furniture!

I grabbed this set - vanity (SOLD), full headboard/footboard and dresser.  
I loved the style and detail and had to have it all.

Pretty cool right?

 This is Maison Blanche Antique Blue.  
It is a soft, subtle blue and brings the wood drawers back to life.  
This is a bit different for me.  It was hard to put the brush down and leave the drawers.  I debated doing a different color on the perfect drawers.  Finally, I decided to run with the two-tone antique dresser.

The distressing brings out the beautiful detail, so I finished her up with 
Maison Blanche Antique Clear Wax.

She will be in the shoppe this week!