Thursday, April 23, 2015

April in Paris

When you read this, I will have safely landed.

I will be sharing pictures when I return, but will be only on Facebook for a week or more.

While away, the shoppe will have regular hours:

Wednesday 11:00-6:00
Thursday 11:00-8:00
Friday 11:00-4:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00

The shoppe is loaded!

Have a great week!
Au Revoir-

Before & After

We have a full shoppe-lots of new goodies!  We have a burlap wreath Pinterest Party tonight & we have finalized our fabulous May schedule.

We've been busy!

I leave for a bit, flying out tonight. As I said before, anytime I depart, I work like mad to get things done. 

You'll see this beauty in the shoppe.

This piece was restyled with Maison Blanche Hurricane paint.  A dark wax was applied for protection and depth.

The top is stained with Maison Blanche Tobacco Glaze and finished with a Matte Varnish.

I love that our Maison Blanche line offers so many finishing products. It allows us to be uber creative!

This beauty is in the shoppe with lots of other treasures!

OPEN today 11:00-8:00.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good Day Columbus

We have an exciting week!  It's a personal celebration that has me over the top with excitement.

I can't keep a secret, so I'm sure I'll spill the details soon.  Needless to say, my enthusiasm and attention is on this. 

Just before all big things, I scramble to get organized, stock the shoppe and plan things out.  I am feverishly finishing things and promise to share new goodies tomorrow.

I was fortunate to appear on Good Day Columbus on Friday. 

I'm so glad we were able to demo Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint before people tossed their worn out furnishings. It makes such a difference & saves you money, just by restyling your goods.

Here's the link they sent me.

As always, I get to complete a Pinterest Project. They actually time me, so you can see how long it takes!

Thanks for popping in. I can't wait to share lots with you this week!


New in the Shoppe

Hi All!
We are open today & have some new goodies I know you'll love!

Chicken feeder is a perfect centerpiece!

These are always popular. This is a pale green and perfectly neutral. Just love!

The shoppe is packed & ready for you.
Wednesday 11:00-6:00
Thursday 11:00-8:00
Friday 11:00-4:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00

Love to see you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spreading Spring Happiness

I love when the sun shines. My mood is fabulous and life is good.

I spread my happiness throughout the shoppe.

These darling rain boots are perfect for flowers.
Spring pillows have arrived and are sprinkled throughout.

Our fabulous candles make the shoppe smell fantastic. New scents are here!

I'm back in the shoppe today with more spring goodies.  I will be prepping for Good Day Columbus, Fox 28. Tune in tomorrow-Friday, April 17 at 9:00am.

I will be restyling outdoor furniture and planters with our new Outdoor Paint by Maison Blanche.  A Spring Pinterest project will also be featured!

I'm excited and hope you'll tune in!

Open today, 11:00-8:00.


Before & Restyled

I grabbed a table last week, while picking some other goodies.
I hadn't intended to grab the table, it just sorta happened.  The story of my life!

Anyway, it is structurally sound, just had been well used.  We love that around here and embraced the imperfections.
We went with a pop of color and heavily distressed it.

It celebrates Spring in its new paint color. Priced at $89, it's perfect for an outdoor dining spot, kids craft table or as a desk.

Open 11:00-6:00 today!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Buffet Progress

Happy Monday!

I hope it's a great week! Sending good vibes to all of you.

I'm excited to share a "progress report" on a cool buffet I scored last week.
With Hubby out of town last week, Daughter #1 and I unloaded this right into the shoppe. It is a solid piece of furniture, we can attest to that!

You know by now that things don't stay unpainted for long around here.

On Saturday, between customers, I busted out Maison Blanche Hurricane paint.
This color has grey and beige tones.

While one side was drying, I played with Dark Wax.
It's coming together!

I love that I can use Maison Blanche paint in the shoppe-no VOCs and you can put down the brush and come back to it later.

I hope to salvage the top, replace hardware and put her in her place this week!

Have a marvelous Monday!