Monday, October 10, 2016

October Beauty

Greetings on this beautiful fall day,

There is nothing better than crisp mornings, sunny skies and a cozy, cracklin' fire.  I'm enjoying all of these, as I share the latest furniture transformations.

I spent time this weekend with a paint brush in hand.  I love the days when I can just paint - take a piece from start to finish.  It's rewarding.  

I completed several and will share throughout the week.

This antique desk is darling. It has signs of being well loved through the years.  

It sat in the shop.

It's my fault.  I know better.  Most items do not sell without a restyle. 

Sometimes I think, 'this piece will be different,  people will love and appreciate the history.  
But 9 out of 10 times, they do not.  

Hubby knows this and reminds me every time I pop a piece in the shop in "as found condition."

Anyway, it was time to give this baby some love.

chicken photo bomb

Maison Blanche in Sugar Cane was my color of choice.  It's a soft white with a hint of icey blue.  Clear wax and a sanding block completed the restyle.

Needless to say, this restyled beauty has found its home the same day it was restyled.  Go figure.

Since that baby is spoken for, I worked on a few for the shop.  Here's a look at the top of another vintage beauty. 

Just a glimpse for now.  

This technique is very similar to milk paint, with chippy goodness.

Since we have added Sunday hours, I spend time on Monday and Tuesday bringing in new treasures and restyling the shop.  I am off with a loaded truck and a fat mug of coffee.

Enjoy your Monday!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Shop Updates

Good Morning,

On the first official day of Fall, I wanted to share our restyled shop.  
We love this time of year and hope you will pop in to celebrate autumn with us.

Hand made velvet pumpkins with a wonderful aroma.

Vintage typewriters are popular finds.

Restocked stone bracelets and lots of new gems.

Hope to see you soon!


Friday, September 9, 2016

New (More) Hours

I look forward to seeing you!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello Fall

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to welcome September and everything Fall. Mother Nature got it right and the temperature dropped, the sun appeared and we enjoyed our final summer weekend at the lake.

A trip to Indiana would not be complete without snagging a few treasures.

And inspiration...
They were serving muffins & mimosas from this darling bar.

With our last family trip complete, I look forward to celebrating Fall in the shop and in my home.

And with a new season, we adjust our shop hours.  

Starting Today!
Wednesday 11-4
Thursday 11-4 & 6-8
Friday 11-4
Saturday 10-4

And now: Sunday Noon-4:00!

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is it Fall?

Hi All!

On Sunday I asked on Instagram if it was too soon to put Fall in the shop.

As you can imagine, I received yes and no's.  More no's, but still I struggle.

The girls return to school tomorrow and that usually signals Fall is coming.

So what did I decide?

I'm giving it another week or so.  Attempting to delay until closer to Labor Day.

But that can still change!

Instead, I brought some fresh treasures in to the shop-season neutral.

This windmill clock is truly ah-mazing!

Light weight to hang and uses 1 AA battery.  A farmhouse must have!

New lighting is in the shop!  This chandi is magnificent and will certainly glam up your space.

Our lighting is plug in ready or can be hard wired.  In our ancient building, we prefer plug in.

We have restocked your favorites and I snuck in a yummy Fall scent.

Our jewelry lines are super popular and I added to it with these sweet bracelets.  These are our school colors, but we have 10 different colors.

As much as we love the lake & summer, we are clearing out all remaining goodies. 
Signs, gifts, decor & more. 

NOW 40% off! 

If you're still in summer mode - stock up.  If you're a sale shopper, grab it for next year.  
Either way-it needs to go!

Enjoy the day & pop in:
Wednesday-Friday 10:00-3:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rustic Dresser

Hi All!

I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Were you riveted by the Olympics?  Isn't gymnastics awesome?  Swimming is fantastic and I even watched cycling and other random competitions.

Of course I watched with a paint brush in my hand.  Multi-tasking at its best.

We sent some beauties to their forever homes...

A favorite of mine. 

That leaves some holes in our little shop. Since I'm a hoarder, I pulled some beauties and got busy.

This rustic beauty will debut Wednesday in the shop.

Finished with Maison Blanche Mushroom on the shell, Coffee Bean on top, Ivory and a few touches of other colors on the drawers.  A mix of waxes completes the look.

This was a fun one with a unique result.

Y'all are keeping me busy and I'm loving every minute of it!

See you Wednesday 10:00-3:00.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Barn

August?      When did that happen?

This summer is a blur. Our days at the lake without an alarm clock, rarely getting in the car and reading book after book, have been replaced with a 5:00 am wake up call, two-a-day practices and math homework.  Yuck!

The good news about spending time at home is we are accomplishing a lot!

Hubby and I spent some time cleaning out our small barn.

We picked up some windows on our travels and Hubby installed them.  This is a life saver, it creates a cross breeze and makes it quite pleasant.

We painted the interior wood walls.

Last Fall, we insulated and installed tongue & groove boards to the ceiling.  We glammed it up with a pair of chandi's.

Last week, Hubby sanded the gunk from the wood floors. 100+ years of gunk covered beautiful flooring.

We power washed the floors as well.  Now you can see the beauty.

So our little barn is our newest hangout area.  A TV, fridge, lounge area, eating area will keep us occupied.

Additional updates will come, but for now, we love it!