Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I'm Shannon and I'm addicted to Junk.
It's true, I'm not ashamed. 
I seek out old crap, the older the better. The more chippy and crusty the better.

Naturally worn patina, showing age and use=perfection!

Best find this weekend...
Old chicken crate, in amazing shape!  It will be a coffee table, probably on wheels.
Will it be in the shoppe?
It remains to be seen!
In the meantime, many of my other finds will be in the shoppe.
Open Wednesday 10:00-3:00 & Thursday 12:00-4:00!


Thursday, June 25, 2015


I did some therapy this weekend.  My way!
Pickin through old stuff, dirty barns and roadside set ups.
It's heavenly!
Bringing finds and inspiration to the shoppe.
Speaking of the shoppe...it's filled with treasures, gifts and restocked goodies.
This cutie has arrived!
Vintage push pins

Hand stamped bracelets.

Summer goodies and much more!

The lake is therapy for all of us.

We are open Wednesday 10:00-3:00 & Thursday 12:00-4:00.
We will be closed Friday & Saturday. 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Goodies

I feel badly for the shoppers that came my way yesterday.  Between the roof leak this weekend, selling larger items and new treasures being loaded and displayed, it was a mess!

I normally restyle the shoppe on Monday & Tuesday.  This week I was unable to be there, so it had to happen while we were open. Ugh!

It was not pretty. I had a 13 year old helper. She was great when she wasn't on her social media. And just for the record, when I arrived at the shoppe, my linen pants were pressed, I had heels on and my hair was coiffed.  When people came to shop, my pants were wrinkled and rolled up, shoes in a corner and I would have passed for a Supreme with my large and curly mane.

I'm not kidding people, it was not pretty!

I'm happy to say, we will be ready & restyled today! We are open 12:00-7:00 and the Farmers Market coincides with our hours.

When you pop in you'll see...
Restocked jewelry & new dishes & signs.
The sweetest framed swimwear.
Outdoor entertaining and holiday celebration goodies.

My favorite find and so much more!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Cupboard Love


I have been trash pickin', dumpster divin', thrifting and ultimately restyling for many years now.  Every once in a while I score a beauty.  A real gem.  A treasure that makes me move every piece of furniture in my home to accommodate my find.

When Hubby grows tired of moving stuff and we realize there is no way this beauty will be part of our furniture family, we deliver to the shoppe.
I shed a few tears, but it's what's best for my marriage and this piece.  Now it needs a loving home.

As you can see, I did not restyle it.  The wear adds character and the wood is beautiful.  

I am thrilled to be back in the shoppe today!  Open 10:00-3:00 with lots of new treasures.

Have a great Wednesday & pop in the shoppe!



Sunday, June 21, 2015

Montreal Trip

We are back home with wifi, a few bathrooms and our luxurious king size bed. Ahh 

We are blessed with great trips this year. We have logged many miles, seen a lot & learned a lot.

This trip took us to Montreal for the Women's World Cup. Soccer of course.

We stayed in downtown Montreal and spent most of our time in Old Montreal and the Old Port. 
Cobblestone streets, rich foods and French speaking natives.

Notre Dame was magnificent.
The city was alive and fun. Artists, activities and street vendors created a vibrant buzz.

We took in 4 soccer games at Olympic Park, home of 1976 Summer Olympics-Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn) time period.
And participated in the pregame activities.
We hooked up with friends from home.
Stalked the Canada team, who stayed in a hotel next to ours.
And cheered for the home team.

I'm looking forward to good night sleeps, getting in the shoppe and some relaxation after a busy week away!

If you get the chance to visit Montreal, I highly recommend you do! It's a mix of Paris and NYC with nice folks.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

My New Hutch

Happy Monday!

I'm popping in with a restyle that I am loving!

Several years ago I picked up my kids from my friends home.  The garage was open and I was drawn to this amazing hutch. It wasn't for sale.

Fast forward 5 years and our friends are moving. She remembered my love for the hutch.  It's mine!!

Hubby made some repairs and then it was mine to restyle.

I love the restyled look and am keeping this beauty!  Of course I must find a place for it, but I will!

Details on this custom look to come when I return from Montreal.

Cheer for Canada tonight!


On the road again!

Good Morning!

We are packed and on our way.  We will speak French, eat poutine explore an old city or two and of course watch plenty of soccer.

Any idea where we are headed?

This family adventure is taking us to the World Cup in Montreal!  We will see 4 women's soccer games, with plenty of time to explore the area.

Trip Advisor is my latest obsession. I used it for Paris and loved it. Now I use it for all out of town travel and even explored Columbus (my home) too.

How do I get to leave town with a shoppe?  Melody & Amy make it possible!

They work every week in the shoppe, so they are just fine holding down the fort.

Since we are representing the U.S. In Canada, we are showing our patriotic pride in the shoppe.

It's white, so it counts!

These are darling and symbolic of our travel. Too bad we are in a minivan-that ain't cute!!

I loaded the shoppe & hope you'll visit!

Summer Hours:
Friday 10:00-3:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00