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Vintage Restyled & More
15 West Main Street
New Albany, OH 43054

The shop never looks the same!  Each week we change it up.  Pop in to see the latest and stay connected on Facebook & Instagram.

Antique Furniture Paint

We proudly stock Maison Blanche Antique Furniture Paint.

45+ Delicious colors to restyle your furniture!

Several finishing products to customize your look.

Beautiful Lime Wax

My very first furniture restyle.


JJ said...

LOVE that old scale up there! Would love that for my kitchen. And the Easter display (right above) looks FAB. Maybe you should become a professional display person (merchandiser?). You have a good eye for mixing and matching stuff and could offer your skills to smaller boutique type store fronts setting up their windows to draw in customers.

Ann J. DuVall said...

It's probably a good thing I live in Florida because I am sure I would be really broke buying things from your shop. Love mirrors and pedestal tables.

Unknown said...

What are the classes for Feb and March? I need a fon excess to cet th there.

James E Lutz said...

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James E Lutz said...

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