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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Barn

August?      When did that happen?

This summer is a blur. Our days at the lake without an alarm clock, rarely getting in the car and reading book after book, have been replaced with a 5:00 am wake up call, two-a-day practices and math homework.  Yuck!

The good news about spending time at home is we are accomplishing a lot!

Hubby and I spent some time cleaning out our small barn.

We picked up some windows on our travels and Hubby installed them.  This is a life saver, it creates a cross breeze and makes it quite pleasant.

We painted the interior wood walls.

Last Fall, we insulated and installed tongue & groove boards to the ceiling.  We glammed it up with a pair of chandi's.

Last week, Hubby sanded the gunk from the wood floors. 100+ years of gunk covered beautiful flooring.

We power washed the floors as well.  Now you can see the beauty.

So our little barn is our newest hangout area.  A TV, fridge, lounge area, eating area will keep us occupied.

Additional updates will come, but for now, we love it!


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