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Monday, February 1, 2016

Fresh Finds

I believe the post-holiday reprieve is over!

Not sure if it's a clinical term, but after the holidays and a relaxing vacation, I struggled getting back in my shoppe groove.

We were rocking during the holidays and January is a much different pace.  I just wanted to sit by the fire and read, under a cozy blanket.

That does not make for a strong business plan.

So, I went shopping.

I enjoyed the creative energy from other shop keepers.

I brought in fresh goodies to the shoppe.
Reordered my favorite cow canvases and rearranged the shoppe.

My effort of sourcing fresh treasures has paid off, as the UPS man and I have bonded lately.

Wonderful soaps and body washes will debut this week.  They smell delicious!

Handmade jewelry, similar to Bourbon & Bowties will also make an appearance.
I get complements every time I wear mine.  I love them!

We have restocked our popular stamped jewelry in time for Valentines Day.

In addition to the sampling of fresh finds, I have started to sprinkle spring in the shoppe.  Very subtle touches.

I'll be back tomorrow with more fresh finds!  

Wednesday-Friday 11-4
Saturday 10-4


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