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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Keeping it Real

Good morning!

I would love to show you a shoppe filled with holiday goodies, 
restyled furniture and sparkling clean floors. 

Instead, I'm keeping it real today.

The shoppe was rocking this weekend.  
So I snuck in late on Sunday night to assess and bring in some furniture.

I made a giant mess.

I keep the lights off at night, so people can't see me in my paint clothes, 
climbing on ladders, hauling stuff. 
It's not pretty.

On a good note, we open tomorrow, so the ladder will be put away 
and the floors will be clear and cleaned.

We have lots of holiday goodies and new items that have arrived.  You need to swing by!  
And, we made it even easier:

Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 11-8
Friday 12-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-4


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