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Monday, November 16, 2015

My First 5K

Hi All!
Happy Monday.  
I have lots to share about our Open House and custom projects that are complete.  
However, I must share a unique experience first.

That's right people!

All for the love of chocolate!

But let me back up...many weeks ago, I saw the hot chocolate 15k/5k advertised.

I don't run, but I like chocolate so I said I'll do it.

I twisted my friends arms and we committed.  And signed up.  And paid.  Yes people I paid to run.

It makes no sense, but I must have been in a funk when I committed.

So I started training. I went with Hubby and my oldest.  We walked a few miles. About 30 seconds in, I was bored.  Hubby was encouraging but it didn't work.  It sucked.

I followed up later that week and took the dogs. That was more enjoyable, but it still kinda sucked.

My next training resulted in me picking berries for a fall display in the shoppe.  
My ability to focus is a major issue.

Fast forward to Saturday when I realized I had to wake up in the 5:00 am time frame on a Sunday.


Who hates me? Why is this happening?

Next came the details I decided to figure out Saturday night:

What do I wear? I don't own a sports bra.  
My Lululemon leggings are too nice to actually exercise in. 
Does my number go on the front or back?

We made it down to the race. Somehow I pulled my booty out of bed.

And we finished! 
We received some delicious chocolate that helped me forget the alarm earlier that morning.

In summary: I am not a runner.  I am not a morning gal. 
I am a lover of chocolate, friends and a beautiful morning.
We had lots of laughs, good conversation and we even talked about our next one.
I will be looking for a race that begins later in the day and offers killer swag.  
But at least I'm open to another!

Enjoy your Monday!


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