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Monday, October 26, 2015

Major Accomplishment

I have been a crafty girl for a long time.  

As a kid my mom had to keep me busy, so we got crafty.  
I drew, painted, cross stitched, decorated cakes and even took up calligraphy.

Obviously, my life is in constant creative turmoil with the shoppe.  
Testing, thinking, attempting, dreaming...
You get the picture.

However, I have never mastered making a bow. 

Look at this!

Every year about this time I purchase gobs of beautiful ribbon with the vision of beautiful bows decorating my packages, my home and my shoppe.

Year after year, I go to my mother in law by mid December in tears begging for help.

Of course, a few moments later she whips up a designer worthy bow.

Armed with several rolls, scissors, wire and YouTube I embarked on my annual attempt to slay my nemises-the dreaded bow.

I had an hour and a half in the car to a soccer game.  
Hubby drove, daughter had headphones on and I got busy.
I mention headphones because some bad words may have escaped from my mouth.

Take that ribbon -  I made a bow.
Several in fact!

I'm so proud.

An early morning soccer game, Starbucks Latte and a nice man on YouTube made this possible.

Let's see what I can accomplish today!


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