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Monday, October 5, 2015

Homecoming 2015

This weekend, I mixed a little girl time with the usual soccer games.

Saturday, I enjoyed watching my cinderella leave her sweats on the floor and put on a dress.  

Yes, people a dress!

After all, it was homecoming.

Starbucks and a mani started our day.

Next we had to tame the mane.

My daughter has beautiful hair that doesn't perform well in rain and humidity.  Just like her momma.

We went to the professional for this challenge.

And look at that smile!  Braces were also removed in time for Homecoming!

I rocked her pedi and make up to complete her look.

Just beautiful.

Photos in our barn kept them dry. The weather did not cooperate, 
but it didn't dampen the spirits of this squad.

This is a great group!

They enjoyed dinner out and danced the night away-in some crazy high heels.

So glad it was a success and a wonderful memory she will treasure.


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