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Monday, September 28, 2015

Not a Happy Camper

Hi All!

I had planned to share a great adventure with you today.  I stumbled upon a rural town by accident and it turned in to a happy adventure.  
However, our extra long journey home was anything but happy.

Does this look like a happy family?

This lovely photo was taken while waiting for AAA.

My car was fine and no injuries, I just locked my keys in the car while getting gas.  Ugh!

I should have known things would not go well when we departed from the lake.

Two kids, 2 dogs and lots of treasures stuffed in the van.

Then 14 year old drama unfolded and I may have missed an important turn.  Next thing I know we are in Bowling Green, Ohio- clearly not part of our plan.

While my daughter is a freshman, the good news is she has ruled out Bowling Green (BGSU) as an option for college.  Spending an hour at a gross gas station brought some clarity to her.

It was our final trip to the lake for the year.  
We enjoyed time with friends, time on the water and relaxing.

I'm documenting the good parts of the weekend, 
so my girls will forgive my less than stellar mom moments.

Back with more on my pickin' adventure and fabulous finds.


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