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Monday, August 10, 2015

School Spirit

How are you all?  It's been a while.
All is fine, we've just been busy with the end of summer, so please understand my absence.

School officially begins next Monday, with orientation this week, so life will be changing again shortly.

To stay calm, somewhat organized and a bit sane, I've been gathering goodies for the shoppe. 
Yes, this is the relaxing part of my life!

We brought in some New Albany goodies! We love our town, where we live, have the shoppe and my kids go to school. So we show our Eagle Pride!

Stadium Blankets are handmade by a local friend and artist. They are super soft!
Different sports can be ordered. I am surprising my daughter with a soccer blanket. 
She made the HS team!

Many of our bracelets have sports charms and New Albany colored beads.

I realize not everyone loves our town, but you certainly love 
The Undisputed National Champion Football Team!
In honor of our Buckeyes, we have some goodies.

Pillows, scarves, headbands!
Stadium Blankets make a great gift!

We have OSU bracelets and earrings, both locally made and adorable!

I'm excited about our fall. Once the girls are back in school, I'll be excited to share our new finds, restyled furniture and some more goodies.

Have a great week!


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