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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Garage Door Makeover

With the girls back in school, I mentioned that I will tackle some projects around the house.
We have a 100+ year old farmhouse. Our home has been renovated during its time.
One addition was a three car garage.

I recently power washed the house and garage and only took this photo.
Anyway, the garage is massive and stands out when you drive up. It's kind of an eye sore. 
It would be fabulous if it had cool carriage style doors, but it doesn't.
Hubby isn't on board with replacing perfectly good doors.

So what does one do?

You scrape, prime and paint the trim. Then you add hardware!

Isn't it better?

Want to know the best part?

The hardware is magnetic! No drilling, no holes.

I got two sets online at Bed Bath & Beyond. With a coupon my total cost was $32, for 2 sets.
I'm happy, Hubby is happy.

I'm off to the shoppe for a major restyle!

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