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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Fresh Start

Happy Monday!

This isn't like the previous 13 Monday's, this is the start of another school year! 
It's bittersweet, but I must say we are ready! 
My oldest is starting high school and my youngest is right behind her (8th grade). 
It's an exciting time.
What will I do with my time, now that I'm not driving them around?

My store will get a much needed restyle. We delivered three large items to their forever homes this weekend.  So I will be busy restyling and bringing in fall goodies.
Yes, fall.
Time sure does fly!

I also plan to continue sprucing up our farmhouse. We've been slowly making improvements. 
Nothing major, just time consuming.

Hanging these curtains took two years!
I have no doubt I will fill my time with projects, the shoppe and a little fun too!

But first, to celebrate back to school and a dear friend's birthday, a massage and lunch are on the agenda!  The rest can wait a day!

Have a great Monday!

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