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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Flea Market

In my never ending quest to find the undesirable and repurpose it, I went pickin'.

It's an addiction, I'm proud to have.

When I'm pickin' in Indiana, I tend to score fabulous farm fresh finds.

Many treasures have glorious patina that I would not alter.
I breakdown and hit Shipshewana once a year. If you're unfamiliar with this top flea market, look it up! Every Wednesday May-October it offers a flea market and auction. It has 10 rings going and is a zoo. It's a destination for vacationers, pickers and the curious.

I went solo this time, my family refuses to join me. It's very commercial and you need to walk past the tube socks and other crap to find the discarded treasure that you want.
It's hard work people!

Cars are parked for a good mile before you hit the entrance. 

I scored a few things and then went to my faithful honey hole to really load up!

The shoppe is bursting right now! Lots of sale items & new treasures you'll love!

Thursday 12:00-7:00
Friday 10:00-3:00
Saturday 10:00-4:00

See you soon!

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