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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Montreal Trip

We are back home with wifi, a few bathrooms and our luxurious king size bed. Ahh 

We are blessed with great trips this year. We have logged many miles, seen a lot & learned a lot.

This trip took us to Montreal for the Women's World Cup. Soccer of course.

We stayed in downtown Montreal and spent most of our time in Old Montreal and the Old Port. 
Cobblestone streets, rich foods and French speaking natives.

Notre Dame was magnificent.
The city was alive and fun. Artists, activities and street vendors created a vibrant buzz.

We took in 4 soccer games at Olympic Park, home of 1976 Summer Olympics-Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn) time period.
And participated in the pregame activities.
We hooked up with friends from home.
Stalked the Canada team, who stayed in a hotel next to ours.
And cheered for the home team.

I'm looking forward to good night sleeps, getting in the shoppe and some relaxation after a busy week away!

If you get the chance to visit Montreal, I highly recommend you do! It's a mix of Paris and NYC with nice folks.


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