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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paris Trip

Sadly, we are back in the US, after the most amazing trip to Paris & The Loire Valley.
Hubby and I were fortunate to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary surrounded by the beauty & history we had only read about.
I am excited to take you to Paris, through my humble photos.  It's difficult to capture the beauty, but here goes...

I arrived on Friday and explored the Montmatre area solo.

View from hotel
The streets & architecture are even beautiful.

This is Unreal. It's the most famous part of Montmatre. Perched high on the hill Sacre-Couer church is stunning.  I lit a candle for my parents.

This area has lots of restaurants, shops and points of interest.  It's rich with artists and unique finds.

Speaking of finds, I stumbled upon this quaint shop. It was 400 square feet and packed with treasures.
Sadly, I had limited space.  But I managed to grab some goodies.

Much more to share,

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