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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Tour of Paris

Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing you to a beautiful part of Paris that Hubby and I loved.

The tour continues with the famous sites.

We did the Eiffel Tour at sunset, complete with a champagne toast. The views were spectacular!

To add to our cultural overload, we took in some art.
Yes, you've seen The Louvre, but somehow they never focus on the amazing building itself. The glass is such a small part, my least favorite part too.
It's just stunning. Once inside, I had to see the famous lady.
Yep, it's behind glass and the smallest painting in the place!  But it's now checked on the bucket list.
I caught up on missed church time with a visit to Notre Dame.

I lit a candle for my dear friends father.  The beauty of the cathedral reminded me of her and her wonderful family.
Pictures cannot capture the details. But it is certainly worth a visit!

Have a great day!

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