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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crazy- Lots of Projects

When I was in the corporate world, long ago, I remember the crazy that occurred just before an event, a vacation or time away.
Fast forward 14 years and the crazy still happens!
Spring Break starts Friday, the Good Day Columbus appearance is this week, we sold many pieces of furniture this past weekend and soccer season has started. Whew!
I thrive on the crazy just before I collapse. At least I'll collapse in warmth!
My first priority is the shoppe. I filled it, rearranged it and brought in lots of Spring.

I restocked Maison Blanche Paint & Products.
Finished an awesome coffee table in Franciscan Gray, love!

Played with the new Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint.
And am now off to Good Day Columbus, to share a DIY project & some Pinterest Party creations with my girls! Tune in to Fox28-now!

Like I said, I love the crazy & am thankful that I get to do what I love!


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