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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Before & After

Hi Friends!
My one faithful follower is Hubby. He reads every post and shares his comments. Over the weekend, he told me I haven't shared a before & after in a while.
I've taken to Facebook so much lately, that he was correct, I haven't shared as much here.
Let's change that!
This baby had been a beauty at one time. Before crackle was discovered!
She received a restyle with Maison Blanche Franciscan Gray and White Lime Wax. She's soft and stylish now.
Like many discarded pieces, she has her quirks. One drawer works, while the other two were sealed shut. Why? I can't even guess.
The serpentine front and the restyle make her a perfect hall table, night stand, tv stand...lots of options!

Hope you'll pop in this week. Many more before & afters coming! Gotta keep Hubby happy.

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