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Monday, February 23, 2015

Reworking the Shoppe

Hi All,
My only goal this week is to get my kids to school all 5 days. No sickness, no snow, no excuses. 
After last week, with holiday, illness and 2 snow days, we are off our schedules and out of sorts.
I worked the weekend, playing catch up. It was therapeutic.  Here is the result of my effort.
You can spy a darling item that was seen on Fixer Upper!
The cow tags make me happy too!
This antique wardrobe has so much storage!
A restyle was necessary to make room for this antique beauty.  I see her as a bar, but this secretary has many uses.
So much goodness throughout the shoppe.
I'm back there today for a private Pinterest Party and I'm sure I'll be restyling a bit more.  It's my therapy!
Have a great Monday!

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