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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Paint Color

We just wrapped up a 4-day weekend. The girls had off Monday & Tuesday, as scheduled, and we stayed in town. Nothing too exciting-dinners out, sleepovers, shopping, family, Netflix and some DIY.
I'll take an extended weekend break, it's good for the soul.  However, I do not do well with idle time.  I can only go so long before the creative itch needs to be scratched.
A person can only stay inside, looking at her walls for so long, before they get painted!
This job went to our friend and wall painter, Mark. Hubby has retired and I am awful.
Hubby went to HD to get BM Grey Owl. It's a favorite of mine. Our master is done in this color and my whole shoppe.
When Mark started painting, it was VERY obvious that this was not the color.
It's so very dark.
I've spent 2 years attempting to lighten this house up!! Ugh
Being a mature adult, I am embracing this cozy color that is now in our guest room and bathroom.  And as a DIY gal, I'm feverishly painting everything else Maison Blanche Oyster, to lighten it all back up.
Bathroom mirror
Bathroom cabinets
You may recall that our 1901 Farmhouse has dark trim. I've been dying to paint the trim, but am trying to live and embrace the original 100+ year old craftsmanship.
A few more long weekends and I'm not sure I will resist the urge!
Anyway, I'm off to find new bedding, towels and white accessories.
Shoppe is filled and ready for you. OPEN today 10:00-3:00.

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