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Monday, February 2, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Welcome to February!

With football behind us and lots of snow on the ground, it's only logical that we would bust out the paint brushes.  I'm making up for some lost time.  I was under the weather last week, sounding like a sexy Demi Moore for the bulk of the week.

Then on Saturday, my youngest became a teenager!  In celebration, we went to Mad River Mountain, a local ski & tubing area.  I envisioned myself sitting in the Ski Chalet sipping tea and reading, all next to the roaring fire.

If you have ever been there, you are laughing right now.  Instead, the fire was outside and the picnic tables set up inside the dumpster with a roof was not very inviting.

So what did I do for the 3+ hours?
Because I was with teenagers, they had their phones, snapping pictures and even capturing my bloody screams on video.  I will not subject you to that!

It was a beautiful day filled with lots of laughs, screams and fun.

It did nothing for my empty shoppe or my illness, but Daughter #2 enjoyed every minute.  
Just what we wanted.  

Now, the party is over & we will be rocking it for Wednesday when we open.



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