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Monday, January 19, 2015

Restyled Settee

Hi Friends!

Hope this post finds you well and enjoying another day off from the usual grind.  I branched out this weekend and stepped away from work, the shoppe and the normal routine.  It was much needed and enjoyed.

Right before I left, some goodies arrived.  I will be getting them ready and loaded in the shoppe this week.  Fabulous goodies that I know you will love!

Speaking of the shoppe, last week I brought in a beauty.

Thanks to my talented Amish boyfriend, this beautiful settee looks fantastic.  Redone in a creamy leather, she is perfection.

It didn't always look like this.  I scooped her up several months back and delivered her to Indiana for her restyle.

I think you would agree, she needed a restyle!  
Despite the dated material, you could tell she was in pristine condition 
and was well loved - and rarely used.

She is now taking her spot in the shoppe.

Such a beauty!

Enjoy the day!


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