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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Barnyard Bonanza

If someone told me people would drive hours to get a cow canvas, I would have laughed.
Then I posted my latest score, the cow, that I picked up in Indiana. I proudly hung her in my dining area and enjoy my coffee daily with her.

I was just sharing my nutty purchase.
Then, the bonanza came.
I sourced the canvas and ordered them for the shoppe. I hung them in the shoppe Thursday night.

Crazy happened...
Alright, maybe transforming my shoppe into a farm could have stirred the crazy, but I just loved them all, I couldn't choose.  So I got them all!
Who can resist this cuties?
The good news, if you are just seeing these, I reordered Saturday after I closed the shoppe! I even got a few other goodies I think you'll love!

The crazy will continue tonight in a different way. We will be cheering on our Buckeyes in the first ever National Championship game. We love our Buckeyes! Please tune in and do your part to bring on a victory!

O H .....I O!

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