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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TV Appearance

My 14 year old is an excellent public speaker.  Our school is responsible for that.  They started them at a young age presenting to groups, classes and even the entire grade (430+ kids).  
That is a life skill that she will be thankful she has!

I do not have that skill.  I am a hot mess when called on to speak in any capacity, to a group larger than 3.  Now, I have done it throughout my school, college and professional and volunteer careers.  Usually, I get a stomach ache, my palms sweat and I do everything to stop my voice from shaking.

So when I was asked to appear on Good Day Columbus last week, the day before our Holiday Open House and 2 days after our NYC trip, I tried to take it in stride.  I tried to practice the breathing tips and all the other tips I was given.  I think it was a good thing that we had so much going on, I wasn't able to  freak out as usual.

Julie Kriss, from Kriss Enterprises, held my hand along the way.

We arrived and set up our segment area.  Not knowing exactly how fast 5 minutes would go, I brought half the shoppe with me!

Needless to say, it felt like seconds and then we were done.  You can see the segment for yourself!

I also had the pleasure of completing a Pinterest-inspired craft in an hour.

I chose the light-up canvas as the craft.  We will do a similar one in our December Pinterest Party.

I am thankful for my 15 minutes of fame.  I am thankful that I didn't vomit, pass out, choke or drop any inappropriate words during that time.  I am grateful to Julie for putting up with my craziness, Melody for prepping the stools for me while I was in NYC, and Shelly for seeing me at 6:30 to tame my crazy hair!  Oh, I cannot forget my poor family, they listened to me freak, discuss and practice what I would say.  None of which I did say, but - oh well.

Yes people, it takes a village.

Now it's back to my calm and productive week as a regular gal and not the tv star I was last week!


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