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Monday, November 10, 2014


Happy Monday!
We are back from our whirlwind weekend in NYC.  
My daughter and I left Thursday evening and had a marvelous time in The Big Apple.
 We packed it in, while in Manhattan.  
First stop, Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Even a 14 year old loves this movie. 
And, couldn't leave empty handed!
She brought her coffee and muffin and acted out the scene.
You must stop to enjoy Central Park, before hitting Bloomies, BG, Harry W, The Plaza, Little Italy, Chinatown, many boutiques and amazing stores.

She wore me out!
We could not hit NY without spending time with my life long besties.  Jessica and our 16 year old nephew came to town to shop and eat.  Really, that's all we did the whole time.  Shop, eat, repeat.
We met them at Grand Central Station, where we shopped some more.  It is absolutely beautiful.
We hit the famous, Dylan's Candy Bar, owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter.
Our last evening was spent with Pam & Robin, who I also grew up with.  We enjoyed an amazing Asian Fusion dinner, before strolling the streets.

I realize there are a ton of selfless.  While hanging out with a 14 year old, you begin to act like one!
We might be in our 40's, but we are young at heart!

It was an amazing time!  I will treasure these days that I shared with my daughter and I always love spending time with my gals.

But the trip is over and despite the exhaustion that I am feeling, we have an exciting week ahead!  
We will be prepping for our OPEN HOUSE this Thursday evening 5:00-8:00.
Hope you can join us for the kick off to the Holiday Season!
Goodies for the first 25 shoppers
Seasonal treats
Great new items

A few other exciting happenings will be announced soon.

Have a great Monday!

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