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Monday, October 6, 2014

Ruining my Kids Lives

Good Monday Morning to you All!

I am stepping away from furniture, paint and treasures to rant about teenagers.  Yes, that lovely age when craziness erupts. 

I am the proud momma of a 12 & 13 year old.  They know more than me and think they rule the house.  Sometimes they do.

They certainly know more about technology than I care to know.  But instead of sticking my head in the sand, I am navigating my way through the teenage world and attempting to catch up.  
My guess is that you are in the same boat or have been.  

A few years ago my girlfriend told me facebook was dead to teenagers and Instagram was the way to go.  Sitting at a swim meet one summer, my neighbor (then 13) set me up. 

Now what?

Honestly, I forgot about it.  Can't remember my wasn't part of my world, until Friday.

Yep, I decided to get dialed in and share some photos.  With the help of my daughters, of course.

Pretty harmless right?  I got 3 likes.
My kids said that was lame.
So I liked my own photo to get to 4.
Daughter #1 runs in the room, telling me: No one likes their own photo!  That is a bad move.

So there are rules apparently.

Once I got the hang of things, I started posting more.
A little guy that is like family to us.

Daughter #2's soccer team winning another tournament this weekend.  She's in pink.

Then I get yelled at again: Mom, I post like a photo a week, you just posted 10 in 20 minutes!  That is so uncool!

Great, more rules.

Well girls, this old lady has rules too!

If you take my phone and snap photos, they are my possession.  I will post them if I choose.  And I did.
(So will other people, so beware!)

Other rule:  This Momma is going to be nosey and check up on you and your friends,  She will respect your privacy, but the internet is anything but private.  Beware.

And, to embarrass you (my girls) I posted my first selfie!

Buckle up Teenagers, this is gonna be fun!



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