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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ikea Part 2

One of the major benefits of traveling every weekend for soccer, 
is discovering the fabulous shopping spots.

Last weekend, we spent a few days in Cinci and Ikea.  This weekend, we did the same.

Yes people, I hit Ikea twice in one week!

Here are some of my goodies:

See that darling aqua cart?  It is perfect for our paint supplies and necessities.
I love it!
Keeping with the paint organization, I purchased several of these magnetic boards for our color samples.  This lets us remove them and let customers match to fabric, change lighting, etc.
We are finishing up all 42 colors, for this space!
Loving this too.

We finished the mudroom lockers the day before school started in August.  We have been on the hunt for baskets ever since.  In fact, I bought several on my first trip to Ikea, only to return them this week.
Since Ikea has 459,000 baskets, I found the perfect ones.

This coming weekend, we head in a different direction.  Wonder what I will discover...

The shoppe has been restyled and will be ready for you when we open tomorrow at 10:00!



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