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Monday, October 20, 2014

Enjoy Fall

Good Morning Friends,

I love Fall.  The colors, the weather, football and the boots I get to wear.

We often rush to get to Christmas.  Unfortunately, the retail world has dictated that we welcome the craziness earlier and earlier each year.

As a small business, we get caught up in this.  If we do not order early enough, things are unavailable.  If we do not sit on inventory for months, we will have nothing.

I have hoarded my gathered goods, ordered some fabulous gift items and have been crafting for a while.  All with a November goal.

We have sourced unique, handmade gems, crafted beautiful home decor and fun gifts.  We will be ready for the craziness, while providing a relaxed and fun experience in the shoppe.


Thursday, November 13 and 

Friday, November 14.

But before it all arrives in the shoppe, we will enjoy Fall.


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