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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Mishap

Hi All,

I was so excited that we made it through our first week of school with a few mishaps but no catastrophes.  We just needed to make it through the holiday weekend with the same luck.
We had 8 soccer games in 2 cities, so Hubby and I divided up to catch as many games as possible.

Hubby went to Dayton with Daughter #2 and I was in Dublin with our 13 year old on Saturday.

Then the call came.

 First game, and our little one turned her ankle.  Off to Children's Hospital in Dayton.
X-rays showed no fracture, but she was in a lot of pain.
We have a friend who is a radiologist and we tracked him down and he confirmed no fracture.

On a holiday weekend, we sat tight, but she will be off to her orthopedic today.
Why does my 12 year old have an orthopedic?

If you have followed this blog for a while, this might be a familiar sight.
Different leg, different phone.

Crossing fingers we have her up and crutch free soon.  The last time was 9 weeks, ugh!

On a positive note, both girls enjoyed the weekend and received some hardware for their effort.

U14/15 Champions!  Mine is on the left, although when they are on the field it's hard to tell.

Daughter #2's team came in second and collected major hardware for their effort.  They played in the Mead Cup, which is the second largest tourney in the country.  There was even a team from England!

With two girls, you can only imagine the bickering over the SIZE of the trophy.  It was a major issue!

Off to the doctor we go!


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