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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Small Barn Update

Hello Friends!

I am pretty excited to open the shoppe today.  We are fully restocked on vintage jewelry, fall home decor and restyled furniture!

I am also three days on meds for a sinus infection and am finally feeling better.  I would have recovered a bit sooner if I took a sick day, but Hubby would have none of it.  He worked me like a dog!

This is our newest project.  I claimed this little barn before we moved in.  I worked in it for the first year, as long as it wasn't too hot or too cold.
I even popped a tv in there and could disappear for a few hours and accomplish a lot.

Since Hubby is sick of my treasures in the garage, we are both excited to get this baby ready for me.

First up, insulation.

Next, is installing the tongue & groove ceiling.
We caught a sale at Home Depot and purchased 120 8 foot boards. 

That's where I came in.  Hubby climbed up to measure, yelled down the dimensions and I rocked the power tools - cutting the boards.

Nothing like saw dust in your sinus'. Ugh

This is the hard, unrewarding part.  Paint, lighting, windows and a good cleaning will make a tremendous difference.

Never a dull moment or a sick day at this house!

Pop in the shoppe today!  OPEN 10:00 - 3:00 & during our Pinterest Party 6:00-8:00.



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Suzanne Vincent said...

Can't wait to see the finished space!

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