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Friday, September 19, 2014

Getting some Rest

The weekend is here!  We have one soccer game.  Not 8 like previous weekends.

What will we do with all our free time?  

For starters, we will finish some projects in our home.  
This is one that came out of no where.  You see I got sick a few weeks ago with a sinus infection.  I swore I would go rest in bed for a bit.
I got all comfy, under the covers and started looking around our bedroom.

Hmmm, that is the ugliest fireplace ever.  Inside is stuff I placed there when we moved in!  Holy crap, that is baaaad.

So downstairs I went, grabbed a mantel I had found when I was pickin' and Hubby figured out how to improve the situation.

The next night, while trying to rest, I decided it needed to be painted.  Maybe I'll paint the tile too.

Clearly, I wasn't going to get any rest in the bedroom, so I moved to the guest room.

If the master bedroom was bad, the guest room was even worse.  While resting, I came up with a theme and some goodies to go in that room as well.

Sorry no photos - I was trying to rest.

So on our wonderful weekend off, we will be bouncing from the bedroom, guest room, Big Barn to set u for the sale and the small barn to paint.

Perhaps then I will get some rest!

Enjoy the weekend!  We are open today & Saturday 10:00-3:00, some see me!



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