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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Barn Ceiling Complete

Hubby and I have been married for 19 1/2 years.
We continue to put our marriage to the test with some projects.
Painting the cottage in the spring was a challenge and this weekend we painted the small barn ceiling.

This project sucked.

We started by insulating the ceiling.

Then installed a tongue & groove ceiling.

It looked and smelled fabulous!  But the fresh wood didn't work with all the old wood, 
so we decided to paint it.

We found a few 5-gallon buckets of barn paint in the basement and decided to give it a try.

We cleared out most of the contents of the barn.

Then we covered the floors.
We figured it would take 2 coats and we would be done.
We would work together, while watching college football.

That's when things started to suck.

All I could find on tv was Good Times.  In fact it was a Good Times Marathon.
The paint we planned to use was runny and dripped, so we had to tape off.
Then, the wonderful grooves in the wood, required us to brush and roll.
It sucked.

After 15 minutes I was done.  I mentally checked out and started whining like a 5 year old.
Then got slap happy and rolled paint right over Hubby's head, all over his hair.

That didn't go over well.

We somehow managed to do half of the ceiling without killing each other.

It looks fantastic!

Sunday Hubby worked alone and finished the other side.  
Needless to say, we both think it looks perfect with one coat!

Now I am focused on this barn and Hubby has checked out!
Filling it with treasures, projects and fun finds for the sale.
We are still married.  We will take a break from these sucky projects and have some fun this week.



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