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Monday, August 11, 2014

WLYS Score

Hello All!

Hope you had a good weekend!  We have been weekend warriors - painting away, fixing, rearranging, pickin' and building a new mudroom (in progress).  It's crazy to look at everything we accomplished.  

The start of school is in sight, so my nesting instincts have kicked in.  Things that will make life a bit easier when the kids begin their busy schedules.  The mudroom was the number 1 priority, then the closets, soccer gear and schedules.  We will be ready when school begins!

Since so many things are in progress, let me share my favorite find.

Hubby and I hit the World's Longest Yard Sale on day 1 (Thursday).  It runs north/south on Route 127 from Michigan to Alabama.  We never left Ohio!!

This sale has been on my calendar for a year.  It felt like Christmas morning to me.  I was so eager to score lots of treasures at low, low prices.  
Hubby went under much duress.

It is unlikely that I will go again.

Day 1 - people were not dealing like I hoped.  Many people we met were vendors at antique malls, some just had crap and when I negotiated, several said it was too early to drop the prices.  I walked every time I heard that.

Trust me, I found some treasures and enjoyed the experience.  I guess my expectations were a bit high!

In case I sound too negative - I always love pickin', it sparks my creativity.  Everything I loaded in the van on Thursday has been cleaned, painted and has a purpose.  To me that is a success!

My prized possession:

A turkey crate!  Similar to a chicken crate, but taller and perhaps longer.  It's all wood.  When I grabbed  it I pictured it with a top and wheels - the perfect coffee table.

We found old wheels and a top.  This baby will be ready in no time.

Happy Monday All!



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