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Monday, August 18, 2014

Show Week

Our final week of summer has begun.  I have mixed emotions.  
We have had a fabulous summer, one of my favorites.  But the time has come 
and we are all in need of a schedule.  
A schedule that does not begin at 11:00 am! 

However, we have one week left!  
It will be a hectic one when you toss in final prep for school, a soccer tourney and a show.

Yep - we are heading to the 
Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace 
this SATURDAY, August 23 10:00-5:00.
Aladdin Shrine @ Easton
This month, the show is on Saturday.

You may recall we set up in June and had a great day, so we will do it again!

I've shared the good and the bad of doing a show, so I won't rehash.  
Just know the week of the show is crazy!

My goal is to pull items from the shoppe, introduce some new finds, restyled furniture and some popular must haves.  We will take a sampling of Maison Blanche Paint and waxes.  If you want paint and wax, please email me and we will have it for you!

So what's new that may appear in the shoppe and/or show?
This cutie was restyled and is now a soft white.  It's perfect size makes it ideal for the end of the bed, a mudroom, a hallway and even pulled up to a dining table.

And because so many are addicted to our fabulous candles, we have Lavender Sage restocked in the shoppe and will bring some to the show!

Lots of projects will be completed this week.  But first, we must go get the back-to-school haircuts!

Have a great Monday!


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