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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Restyled Table

I've been blogging so inconsistently and here I am two days in a row with a Restyle!  I'd like to think I am on a roll, but I can see the days ahead and it doesn't look promising!

But I am here now and must share a table redo.

This is what I started with.
Do you like the photo bomb by Scrambled & Tilly?  Along with piles of treasures everywhere?
That's how we roll.

My brother-in-law fixed this baby up - even primed, painted and waxed her.
This made for an easier restyle.

 Here she is after I made her more farmhouse fresh.
Maison Blanche Hurricane on top, Oyster on the bottom.  Clear wax completes her.
Now she is ready for the shoppe!

This cutie has sold and is taking up residence in her forever home!

I know I need to bust out the good camera, but I am just thankful I remembered to take a picture.  It's been a chaotic few days.  We will get it together here soon!

Look forward to being in the shoppe today!


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