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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heavily Distressed Island

I had to have this.

It was in pretty good shape and I wanted it for my kitchen island.

Since you would see the back, I tried a dry brush technique with blues and grays.

Then I decided against this for the island.  If you have been around here, and are counting, I am up to 8 large pieces of furniture that will NOT be my island.  
I just keep hauling these big pieces home, only to discover they won't work.  UGH!!

So, I started to look at this a bit differently.

She received one coat of Franciscan Gray and then I heavily distressed her with a palm sander and a sanding block.

Adding to her charm, we coated her with Light Brown wax (Maison Blanche of course).

It's different for me, but this is where the piece took me.  She was old and liked her age!

I left the top wood, just sanded and touched her up.  Leaving some age spots.

I haven't decided if she is going to the shoppe or if we take her to the show on Saturday. 
It will be a game time decision.

10:00 - 3:00
Loaded with new goodies and Lavender Sage candles.


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