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Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Products

When I was testing several paint companies last year, I was most interested in the quality of the products, the variety and the ease of use.  
I tried a TON of paint and always tested the white, black and waxes.

In addition to the products, I was interested in the company philosophy 
and its approach to product offerings.

When I tried Maison Blanche Paint, I was quite pleased.  
When I opened the wax - I was hooked.
Done, call off the search.

After multiple interviews with the owner of Maison Blanche, I discovered she was eager to stay ahead of trend and was constantly trying and developing new products.
That was music to my ears!

This past weekend, Maison Blanche introduced numerous new products, new lines and lots of new finishing products.

 See the glitter in the finish?
A whole new product line!

Additional, new finishing products!

This is in addition to the 42 delicious colors!

I am constantly learning with Maison Blanche.  
This company is a leader and innovator in this growing business!
We are open today 12:00 - 6:00.
I look forward to seeing you!


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