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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lake Pickin's

I found this on Pinterest and could easily relate!

In addition to the above list, #11 would be:
Can shove a lot of stuff into tight spaces.

The lake has been a great source for unique, vintage finds.  I have my regular haunts and frequent them during my trips.  Since we were there for an extended stay, I happened to pop in daily often.

The result was this...
The most glorious ladders - different sizes, colors and some with hardware.

 I posted this photo on facebook and some items sold before they were out of the car!
Can you see that awesome piece of furniture?  
I may have grabbed it about an hour before I departed.  Some how when I went to CVS, I ended up visiting my Amish boyfriend.  The result was a very cool buffet!

I did pass on these.  I loved them but I was completely full. (I tried).

Hubby and I are digging deep to find motivation this week.
We have the vacation hangover.
But I popped in the shoppe and need to get busy.
Thank you for supporting my pickin' & restyling addiction.
My Amish boyfriend(s) & I appreciate it!

Opening tomorrow with new goodies.
10:00 - 3:00.


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