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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Night Stand

Good Morning!

Summer will officially begin around 10:30 am today.  My girls will finish their exams and the 6:00 am alarm will officially be forgotten for a few months.

We have a great schedule - work, play, trips, relaxation and lots of fun.  
Let's see how excited I am in July when they tell me how bored they are!

But before I can enjoy time with them, I will be in the shoppe today and tomorrow.
I am excited to catch up with customers, finish some custom work and as always - rearrange a bit!

I recently finished and delivered a unique piece to the shoppe.

I finished this cutie in Maison Blanche Sugar Cane.  It has the slightest bit of blue and is so light and sweet.  She is finished with light distressing to highlight the details and clear wax.

I love all her details.

A little surprise was hidden behind the door.
It is copper lined.  


We have no clue.

But it is pretty cool.

We scrubbed the copper down, but left it as found.

This cutie is in the shoppe, along with many summer treasures, gifts, lake items and 
gifts and so many other goodies.

TODAY:  11-4

Have a great weekend!

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Beth Host said...

Shannon - it is a Vintage Humidor or Smoking/Cigar Stand. That is why it is lined with copper. Very pretty piece.

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