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Friday, May 2, 2014

Surviving a Project

 On Tuesday, Hubby & I celebrated 19 years of marriage.
When we started painting the knotty pine walls at the cottage on Sunday morning, we weren't sure if we would make our 19th anniversary!

This was the beginning of the day.

You see, I knew I wanted to paint the orange woodwork, so in an effort to move things along, I swiped a brush along the wood in some visible areas.

The beam (above).

The wall.

I did this 2 years ago.  Epic fail on my part.

While we decided to paint the walls, we did not paint the beams, which meant we he had to remove my "swipe".
When you roll the panels, it does not get in the grooves.  Lots of brush work, cutting in.

I've been spoiled by Maison Blanche paint.  There are no VOC's, and no priming.
Well, this job required primer with a 780 voc!  We about died!

I forgot the doors!  Both sides, ugh!

After the primer, we did the same with the paint.

We were not going for perfection.  We just wanted to make it until Tuesday!
We wanted the knots and imperfections to come through.  It's a cottage.

If you plan to do this and are looking for a uniform, finished look, I would encourage:
Filling the holes
Filling the grooves
Priming - sanding was not an option for us.
Paint - probably 2 coats.

The good news is we made it until April 29 and we both love the outcome.
Though, it was a rocky start!

Have a great weekend.
Open Today 11-4
Saturday 10-3.
Stocked up on Maison Blanche Paint.



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