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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ladder Love

I love old ladders.  Tall, short, skinny or wide - I love them all.

Apparently, so do our customers!

I grab them when I find them and most land in the shoppe.

This past weekend my sister-in-law was pickin' and called me about a 3-piece ladder.  I couldn't visualize her description and the price was a bit high.

I debated and finally pulled the trigger.

Thank Goodness I got it!

It's ah-mazing!

It hooks together.  

Hubby is 6 feet tall (so he says).  This ladder is TALL.

It's beautifully shabby and has metal grips on the bottom.  

It would be perfect for a double great room, which I no longer have, so it's going to the shoppe!

Trust me, this baby is ah-mazing!

Open today!  
I will be in the shoppe 12:00 - 5:45*, then off to a 6:00 choir concert.


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