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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Funky Chair Redo

Hello All,

A few months ago I received a phone call asking if I could paint a chair in several colors for a gift.
Sure - I think.
The lady arrived in the shoppe with 3 paint chips and a chair.
Together we searched Pinterest for inspiration and I had my marching orders.

The chair was in ok shape.  The cane seat was broken, but I had an easy solution.

First step was to paint.

I used Maison Blanche Chloe (green), Maison White and Peacock (bright blue).  
The purple is latex to match her colors.  And yes, we added a color!

As you can see I painted this at the lake, in between the walls drying!

It looks like blue painters tape on the bar, it's paint.

When we returned, Hubby had to work his magic on the seat.
He made a wood seat to fit in the grooves using his jigsaw.
We covered it with batting and stapled the fabric the client provided.
Perhaps this wasn't as easy as I proclaimed!

Last step was to secure the gimp once the seat was secure.

Here she is...

Perhaps you noticed the 5th color.  Yes, we added black (Wrought Iron) at the last minute.

She was thrilled.

I enjoyed this project.  It was very different from my usual style and it gave me some creative freedom.

The chair is now in New York at her daughters home.

We are open today 11:00 - 4:00!  
We have restocked and will be sharing photos on FB!



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