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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dining Table Redo

Hello All!
I'm back from a long weekend of soccer.  My bed never felt so good and I was only gone one night!  The long days were exciting and fun, hot and long.  I loved it all, but am happy to be home.

We are in the home stretch toward summer.  This is the last week of school!  
The end of school has lead to many custom projects as people prepare their homes for graduation, summer guests or just need a change.

Before I got ready for the 8 soccer games this weekend, I completed an 8 foot dining table for a lady.  She has great style and is bold in her decorating style.  
The dated wood table (extra shiny) didn't fit her look.
Maison Blanche -Wrought Iron (black) to the rescue.

I set up shop in the den.

 I flipped this large table numerous times to get the legs and apron painted.
 It is a drop leaf table with two leaves.  When we dropped the leaves to move it to the garage, we determined we needed to paint the underside.  Back in the den it went.

To finish it off, we used Lime Wax in black.  
It deepened the color, added a richness and then I buffed it to a high sheen.

My house has since been cleaned and I have returned to the garage for my projects!

Have a great day!

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