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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small Changes

Happy Wednesday!

I am excited to get back to the shoppe today!  I have some projects to finish up and as always, I will be tweaking as I move from room to room.

Speaking of tweaking - when spring break arrived I was armed with a lengthy list of projects around the house.

On the final day of break, we made a few small tweaks.  Not even close to attacking my list.

It was Sunday morning, I pushed things aside and rolled out my latest find.
I picked up this natural rug because I loved it and it was a good price.  
I figured I would use it in the store if all else failed.
But it worked!
Even Hubby liked it.

It looks great over the reclaimed barnwood floors and doesn't cover too much!

We also hung some shelves.

Hubby made me promise that these would remain for a while.  
He loathes hanging Pottery Barn anything.

Small tweaks bring happiness to our family room.

Excited to share store updates on FB today!

Open 11:00 - 5:00 Today!



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Suzanne Vincent said...

Great to see you today - the store looks great!

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