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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


LeDirt is a finishing product exclusively offered by Maison Blanche distributors.  
I had only read about it prior to going to Maison Blanche Headquarters in Texas last fall.

It has to be one of the most unique finishing products that I have seen and used.

It is easily applied over a painted and waxed surface and settles in the nooks and detail beautifully.

After buffing,  you are left with an incredible sheen and highlights in the details.

I just painted this darling coffee table and used it in an Advanced Maison Blanche Workshop to demo LeDirt.
After the class, I spiffed her up and she is now finished and available in the shoppe.

It brings out the detail beautifully.

I was unable to capture the sheen that LeDirt provides, so you'll have to pop in and see it for yourself!

LeDirt is $16.95 and will last you forever!

Open TODAY 11-4!



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