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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Franciscan Gray Makeover

Happy Spring!
Yes, Spring has arrived in Columbus, Ohio!
Of course that means I busted out the spray paint and 
enjoyed restyling some goodies in the bright sunshine.
It makes such a difference to my creativity and mental health when I see that beautiful glow in the sky.

It also means that I am crushing on some lighter colors.  Franciscan Gray is my latest fetish.  
This soft gray seems to brighten any room.

I used a Maison White and Franciscan Gray combo on this traditional desk.  Distressing in a new way, created a worn and rustic finish.

The top was leather and was terribly worn.  Thankfully, Maison Blanche paint went right over the leather, giving this desk new life.

I love the color combo with wood floors.

You can also spy the restyled piano bench.  This cutie received the same color combo restyle.
Heavy distressing, allows for the multiple paint colors to show through.

A few more Franciscan Gray pieces will be shared this week.  I can't wait to share my latest!

Enjoy the sunshine!


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