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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Projects Galore

I'm Back!
My trip to NY was fabulous!  I caught up with friends, ate my way through Westchester County and celebrated a Black Belt achievement with my Godson Kyle. 

It was wonderful!

I suppose no matter where I go, I must have a project.  
NY was no exception, in fact it was a weekend of projects!

I stayed with my friend of 37 years!  She has a birthday on Friday and I wanted to do something for her that I knew she wouldn't do herself.  
Yep - out came the paint!

We started with the mantel in the living room.  We attempted to use what she had in the house.

An old mirror that had broken off a dresser was hidden in the garage.  I spied it immediately.
Two coats of off white paint and she is now part of the mantel redo.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got before our ADD kicked in and we were in the bedroom.

These three pieces received the paint restyle as well.  Reveal coming tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we cannot forget the attempt on the gallery wall.
I say attempt because while we arrived on the layout, Jess just wasn't ready to commit.

And the curtains and rods we purchased are still on the floor.  The batteries for the drill were both bad and we all know it's important to have the RIGHT TOOL.

I also managed to leave a kitchen cabinet door off the hinge.  In my attempt to replace the missing screw, we discovered it was stripped.  
Without the right tools, I had to abort the mission and return to paint.

I wonder if she'll invite me back, after I tore through the house!

It was a busy weekend, filled with friends and projects.  Perfect!

Like usual, it's always great to return home and to the shoppe.

I will be here all week, 11-4, starting today.

Stop in, I would love to see you!


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