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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lime Wax

People are catching the wax craze!
Maison Blanche is the leader in this craze and continues to introduce new products to make it easier to restyle your treasures!

Maison Blanche Antique Furniture Paint recently introduced a new product.

Lime Wax

Lime wax is available in White, Gray and Black.

This wax has chalk added and gives a beautiful white finish.

This sample was painted in French Blue with a coat of Lime Wax(white).

This sample was painted in Wrought Iron.  The top has a coat of dark wax and the rest is finished with Lime Wax (white).

It settles in the detail beautifully.

 This sample was painted with Colette, Walnut Glacage with the stencil, Wrought Iron, 
distressed and finished with Lime Wax (white).
It gives amazing depth.

Lime Wax is semi translucent and gives you all the protection needed to protect your treasures.

This is my latest obsession, so you will be seeing many projects with this finish!

We have it in the shoppe & have been shipping it too!

Have a great day!


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Unknown said...

love the wax look! does it protect the piece like the other waxes?

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