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Friday, March 14, 2014

Details of Dark Wax

This week I have been sharing details on waxing your furniture pieces.
Today we continue with Dark Waxes.

I shared the power of Antique Wax, you can see the post here.

I've made peace with dark wax and I strongly encourage you to try it!  Based on your emails, you want to but haven't taken the plunge yet.


When painting furniture with a chalk paint (or flat), a top coat is needed to protect the finish.  Before I switched to wax many years ago, I used a water based poly.  Poly is more difficult to work with in my opinion.


There are several colors available.  A clear wax is a must have.  
This provides the finish without any color.  

Color is what really transforms a piece of furniture.  It gives the old world feel, vintage look and/or changes the color - depending on what your goal is.

Different tinted/colored waxes are available too.
These are Lime Waxes - available in White, Gray & Black.

I've tried a lot of waxes and am completely loving Maison Blanche.  It is the smoothest and the easiest to work with - hands down.

It goes on with a brush or a clean, lint free cloth.  I use old t-shirts, sheets or rags.  I reach for my brush when I want to get into the grooves of a piece.

Before I discovered this wax, I would mix clear and dark waxes to achieve a similar look.  Unfortunately, some days I would go heavy on the dark or the light and the consistency was not there.
At times I would use a heat gun to bring my wax to a near liquid consistency.  This helps it go on easier.  However, heat it too long and you have a fire.  Thankfully, I did not!
With Maison Blanche, I just open the can and go!

This is what the company says about the Antique Wax:

Maison Blanche Paint Company's Antique Wax is a premium formulation that has been manufactured from an old Dutch recipe for over 100 years. Well known for it's quality, this finishing wax is used to give special protection to pieces painted with Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint. Apply on top of our Furniture Paint to seal and protect your project, augmenting the natural beauty of your piece by enhancing the patina and enriching the texture. Antique Wax creates a lustrous finish as well as provides an additional vehicle for embellishment.

To Use: Antique wax is almost effortless to apply. It glides on easily and melts into your painted surface. It is a penetrating wax that soaks into your Maison Blanche Furniture Paint painted surface to strengthen and beautify. No fancy tools or expensive brushes needed to apply Antique wax. To obtain a natural shine, apply thinly with a chip brush, furniture staining pad, or soft cloth. Let dry about 15-45 minutes before polishing with a soft cloth. Follow with a second coat if desired. Close tin well after use.

NO need to apply Clear Antique Wax prior to applying Dark Brown Antique Wax!

Maison Blanche Antique Wax is available in 3 shades:

Light Brown
Dark Brown

I fell in love the first time I used this wax and have told anyone that will listen, how much it has changed my methods.  It saves me time, money and cleans up with soap and water. 

I'm giddy with my new products and have been painting and waxing everything.

We stock: Clear, Light Brown, Dark Brown waxes.
We have all the Lime Waxes: white, gray & black.

We ship too!
I'm in the shoppe today and will be transforming treasures.

Shoppe hours: 11-4
*Note: We will close tomorrow at 3:00 for a private party.

15 W Main St.
New Albany, OH 43054



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Genesis said...

You've answered my question,,, do I need to use clear wax before using my Maison Blanche dark wax,,,,yeah!!!,,, I don't. Have tried it on a small wall sconce,,, beautiful!!! Just finished using OLD white on an old side table and had plannned to use the dark wax,,,but, I see that there is a lighter dark wax. Hmmm,, I may want to try that. Also, what is Lime wax? Thanks,

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