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Thursday, February 27, 2014

NY Bound

When you read this I will be at the airport.  Today I am off to New York.  
Back to my home with my life -long besties.  
Just me and my childhood pals.

My motivation for spending the weekend back in the 'hood, is this guy.

 Please do not judge my stylish hair, circa 1997.

My Godson is now grown and going for his black belt in Karate.

He has worked hard the last 2+ years and has his final test Saturday morning.

I am excited to surprise him, hug him and cheer him on.

I will carve out time to indulge in childhood memories, pizza, adult beverages and I will be attacking this for my friend:

I guess I will be earning my stay!

The shoppe is open
Today - Saturday
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Anonymous said...

Beyond excited!!! See you later :) xo - JJ

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